SampleTank samples installation

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SampleTank samples installation

Postby vovin999 » Sat Jun 06, 2020 10:58 am

Hey guys!

Thank you for an incredible product. SampleTank 4 was on sale and I had SampleTank 2 so could upgrade, and did so. Great choice! :)

However, the installation process of the samples nearly broke my back! I sat with it for five hours and had to keep focused on it since I had to do each part manually. First downloading all the zips, then extracting them to a common install folder and finally installing.
Also what that means is that while the sample library itself is a so-and-so size, you actually need a lot more space for the zips, unless you really go crazy and do them one by one.

Now I am a software developer, so half way through I realized that this process could easy be automated with an installer. So I did just that - I created an installer that did the entire job for me. It took me about forty minutes, tops. Had I had access to the remote zip locations, I could have easily added the download step as well. Two more hours and I would have had a rudimentary GUI to visually represent the installation process to the user.

So I am quite baffled that after so many months you guys couldn't be - excuse the word - ARSED to take like five hours to create an installer for this product. You guys lacking engineers on your team? Well EMPLOY me to do the friggin job then, cause the product is already half-way complete over here! I'll be modest in my fee... ;-)
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