Miroslav Philarmonik 2 Broken USB Stick

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Miroslav Philarmonik 2 Broken USB Stick

Postby AlvIKMulti » Sun May 09, 2021 9:04 pm


I wrote and send a message trough the contact form, however I decide to wrote a post in the forum becasue I'm not sure if the form application arrive at the correct area/support staff.

I purchased Miroslav Philarmonik 2 some time ago at fully price (close to 700€) without any discount/offer/price reduction choosing the USB stick delivery, now the USB stick it is broken and it is almost free of use, I only use it to copy the files to my hard drive a couple of times.

So now, I need to purchase "Download Reactivation Credit" to download the files, It is my first time that I need to download the files from IK servers, this sounds to me a little bit rough, considering the circumstances mentioned above.

Please, there is any posibility to avoid the need of purchase these credits considering that I never download any files in the past? Why the 180 days download option countdown start at the time of purchase If I choose a physical media instead of digital?

I understand that the download service must be activated as a function of the client needs in the case of a delivery of physical copy. I never need to download the data from IK using systematic back-ups until today.

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Re: Miroslav Philarmonik 2 Broken USB Stick

Postby DarkStar » Mon May 10, 2021 11:44 am

This is primarily a user to user forum, so continuing with Support is the way to go. If you completed the Technical Support form you will have received an auto-acknowledgement email You can Reply to that email at any time asking for a progress report, further help etc.

Also, if you still have the installed MP2 sounds library available to you, then you do not need to download it again. Just copy those folders and files.
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Re: Miroslav Philarmonik 2 Broken USB Stick

Postby AlvIKMulti » Thu May 13, 2021 12:47 am

Hi DarkStar,

thanks you for your reply, I just received the authomatic email from Support.

I don't want to bothering people with comercial/economy issues, sorry for that.

I really surprise me the bad quality of the USB stick, in a first look seems to be very well made and robust hardware but it isn't, I lost my back up so we will see.

Thanks again and I hope that my next post will be about musician matters ;)
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