Blueboard setup issues - buttons light up when pedal is off

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Blueboard setup issues - buttons light up when pedal is off

Postby » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:36 am

I purchased the iRig Blueboard when I purchased AmpliTube for Mac (macOS 10.12.6, 2017 iMac).

The Blueboard arrived with no instructions whatsoever and just a funny little booklet full of pictograms that are absolutely useless.

So I just fiddled around with it until I finally got the MIDI setting working (it would not allow me to select the Blueboard the first few times I tried it), and the Blueboard app is a fairly non-obvious piece of work.

Anyway, I finally muddled through setting up my pedals via the MIDI panel, but when I selected "Bypass" on all the pedals in order to turn them on/off, the Blueboard toggles the opposite of what I would expect; I have to tap the button off (light out) to activate the pedal (out of bypass). Conversely, to have my four pedals in bypass, all the Blueboard buttons are lit up - and draining the batteries.

What's the secret to getting the Blueboard to act like a normal pedalboard, with the button(s) lit up when the pedal(s) are active and off when in bypass mode?
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